Vacature HBO Stagiair / Trainee Futurama B.V.

Company: Futurama B.V.
Duration: 6 months
Level: HBO
Start date: January 1st


ActuIT is a leading company in the Dutch market of pension communication software. Over 8 million people in the Netherlands benefit from the applications we have developed with our software platform Futurama. 

These applications provide:

  • online pension portals and planners
  • documents with individualized pension information (either digital or printed)
  • pension calculations used by other (front- or backend) software applications
ActuIT has 2 offices in Amsterdam and Eindhoven and 10 employees (4 developers, 6 consultants).

Instead of hard-coding applications, we use our own-developed software platform Futurama to build these. This platform is used by both our own consultants and our clients (typically large pension funds, insurance companies or administration offices). 
Futurama offers an intuitive and user friendly development environment to build new applications, called the Futurama Editor. 


The Futurama platform consists of multiple modules. Futurama currently is built on .Net 4.8 and runs on Windows. It is a very complex software product which consists of 30 projects. 
.Net 4.8 will be the last version of .Net that runs only on Windows. From now on, in .Net 5, .Net will be based on what used to be .Net Core. 
At Futurama our goal is to support the most up-to-date technology. So it is self-evident that we will migrate to the new .Net version somewhere in the next years. 
But migrating will be a very complex task that requires careful planning. 

We use a lot of complex parts of the .Net Framework:

  • Windows services
  • Reflection
  • Code generation
  • WCF
  • Named pipes communications

We want to investigate the effort it will take to migrate to the new version of .Net. That is .Net 5 which is based on .Net Core. 

The result of the internship should be to have a project plan that describes the migration project. We need to identify the parts of Futurama that will be more challenging to migrate, and offer advice on how to solve those challenges. 
For some of the parts that cannot be migrated but need to be changed we can do a POC to test the new approach, for example use gRPC instead of WCF for interprocess communication. 

During the internship we will supply any hardware or software that is needed and provide a place to work in either Amsterdam or Eindhoven. We will provide a supervisor during the internship, but the other developers will also be available for help. In order for this assignment to be successful, daily support will be provided. Although the current Corona virus forces us to work mainly from home, we are confident that our current infrastructure will be suitable to work closely together on this assignment.

Duration of the internship

The duration will be 6 months. 


The compensation will be 800 euros a month.


You are a developer who is looking forward to a challenging assignment. You are someone who likes to dive deep into a specific problem to find a solution. This assignment is more about investigation and making the right choices for a good architecture than hands-on programming, so you are more an architect than someone who likes to start coding on the first day.


For more information you can contact Chris Vrolijk, telephone 020-5304760, email: